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Vehicle Tracking

With state of the art tracking hardware and software, our team can accurately pinpoint the location of any vehicle at any time.

Fleet Tracking

With our unique fleet management solution, you can effortlessly track the location of any of your vehicles, no matter the size of your fleet.

Fast Recovery

We have more than 200 vehicles on the ground, and offer chopper and cross-border recovery. We can find any vehicle, anywhere.

Learn More About EKS Vehicle Tracking

Your Security, Our Priority

EKS Vehicle Tracking has helped millions of people and businesses recover their stolen assets. We understand that it can be a stressful time, and you don’t need any additional pressure. Let us help you by taking the burden from your shoulders. Give yourself peace of mind – join the EKS Vehicle Tracking family.

Dedicated Recovery Teams

We have a dedicated recovery fleet that includes over 200 vehicles and a chopper recovery team.

Fast Emergency Response

When a vehicle is stolen, speed is of the essence. Our emergency recovery team stands ready 24/7/365.

Highest Quality Assured

State-of-the-art isn't just a phrase at EKS, it's a guarantee. You'll get only the best certified software and solutions from out experts.

The Best Tracking Solutions For Private and Commercial Clients

Our Tracking Solutions

Your vehicle is an asset and an investment. Whether you’re a private individual or a business owner, you need to protect that asset. EKS Vehicle Tracking solutions are geared both towards private owners and business fleet management. The size of the solution doesn’t matter, we’ve got you covered. Don’t wait until it’s too late – get protected with EKS Vehicle Tracking Solutions.

EKS Vehicle Tracking and Recovery

Tracking and Recovery

Track your vehicle's location live, get recovery assistance, or both. Our tracking and recovery solutions are both extremely accurate and highly affordable.

Live Monitoring

Monitoring Services

Don't wait until your vehicle is stolen - prevention is the best course of action! We can monitor your vehicle for tampering, and send you critical alerts.

EKS Vehicle Tracking Fleet Monitoring

Fleet Management

Protect and track your fleet of vehicles 24/7. Our fleet management solutions contain everything you need to keep your business assets safe.

Compare Our Devices

We aim to provide affordable tracking services to all our clients. Our different devices and tracking package start from basic recovery services to live tracking and monitoring packages. If you want to keep your vehicle protected at all times, trust EKS Vehicle Tracking to provide you with the highest quality service, technology, and protection. Click below to compare our individual and business packages, or apply online.

Don’t settle for anything less than the tracking experts

Why Choose EKS?

Don’t settle for less than the absolute best. EKS Vehicle Tracking has helped millions of people and business to track, manage, and recover their stolen assets. We’ve protected thousands of thefts, and our team is always ready to fly into action when needed.

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Superior Tracking System

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